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Build your own 2 column, foldable flashcards manually by typing in your Questions & Answers per line. Maximum line length is 250 characters.

The easiest way to convert your revision notes to one of the simplest & effective teaching and learning aid.


How to generate cards

Enter your revision notes or Questions & Answers on separate lines, or upload the text file and that's it! You could for example provide a list of names and it'll generate you name cards instantly.

Capitalised words and Numbers will be automatically colourised for emphasis.

Easy to use. Endless ideas

Flashcards are one of the most effective way to study, as such, we have made it really simple. Convert more than just revision or study notes, try index cards, placeholder cards, name cards, quiz cards etc! There are note strips, table grid generators and more.

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The site requires cookies for some of the features to work, but we do not keep any data after your card files are downloaded. Your data is yours.

Printable Cards

Card files are generated in a number of formats: 4x2, 5x2, 6x2, 7x2 & 8x2 table layouts with or without texts highlighting for easier memorability.       

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Yes! What more can we say, you can generate unlimited pub quiz cards, reminder cards, exam notes, place-holder cards and more. Remember to support us!

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