Who Are We?

We are just a few guys with some spare time to do something hopefully useful. This project came about after reading an article about studying and the most effective ways to remember facts. Studies have shown one of the most effective way to learn is through flashcards as it brings with it the ideas of play, frequent recalls and feedbacks. Although not the original article, you can get an idea for some of the reasons for it's effectiveness.

When I was younger I remembered making my own cards, all hand-written from notes which I had already made. Rewriting notes was in itself a way of memorizing facts, but at times, I did wish it was simpler, so we built this site.

If you enjoy this site, all we ask is that you share this site with your friends, children, or anyone who's studying. You can make a link to our site or share it on one of the many social buttons on the left. We will try and improve and fix the bugs but only with your support.

Thank you and we hope you find the site useful.